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Reflecting on Life

Now that we have the fun stuff covered in the previous post, now we can talk a bit about what I’ve learned lately. The past week had both my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and my father’s 60th birthday. I once heard someone say that it doesn’t matter what things you haven’t done; instead you should focus on the things you have done. I know that I held higher career aspirations for myself and that I hoped to be living on my own again, but I can’t see them as failures. I may not have a descent paying job and I may still live with my parents at the ripe old age of 28, but I’ve traveled, I give the most honest advice I can, and I try to be the best friend/sister/daughter/godmother that i know how to be. I’m taking little steps to better myself and my situation starting with a CPR/First Aid course at the end of the month. Those are the little victories I’ve learned to appreciate over the past few years. I might now be completely happy with my life right now, but I have a wonderful support system of loving friends and family that will help me to tackle each new challenge.


Hello Everyone!!!
So a bit over a week ago I promised some 4th of July photos from the National Mall, well now I am delivering. I’ll only post a few here but if anyone wants to see more just say so in the comments and throw in a few more fun ones. The majority of these are of the fireworks themselves, one is of the Washington Monument, and one is me in all my glow stick glory. Enjoy!









Holiday update

I’ve been in our nation’s capital for the past few days enjoying the festivities.  I will update soon with a full post including pictures and tales of misadventures.  Hope everyone had a safe and fantastic holiday.

Hug Holiday Day!!!

Johnlock <3.

I know that just a few days ago I posted about a strange little holiday called National Log Cabin Day, but when I saw this holiday listed I simply couldn’t resist poking fun. Hug Holiday Day always occurs on June 29th. Right off the bat I see two major things wrong with this holiday. 1) Hug Holiday Day, isn’t the name a bit redundant really? Doesn’t a Holiday typically occur on a day? Maybe it should be changed to Hug Day or just Hug Holiday. 2) All I could think when I heard about this was, “oh great now there is a holiday that promotes sexual assault and invading people’s personal space, joy.”

With as politically correct as our society is becoming I bet kids trying to observe this holiday at school would likely get suspended. So how did it start you ask? Well Hug Holiday Day was started by the Hug Health Foundation (http://www.hugs4health.org/) which is an organization I didn’t even know existed. The goal of this holiday is apparently to give hugs to those that need them (whether they agree with you or not), to encourage membership to the Hugs for Health Foundation, and to encourage individuals to donate to this or other charities helping people in need. Again thank you to the informative folks at Holiday Insights(http://www.holidayinsights.com/).

P.S. You might be better off giving these instead of real hugs.

(Much safer, nobody pressing charges, just sayin’)

Not typically a Women’s Health article fan, but this article was a fun one to read. It discusses the affects of dancing on your brain, how dancing improves your health and social analytical skills, and describes different types of dancing to help you determine the one that’s best for you. I personally really enjoyed Zumba, but I didn’t really like all of the people; sometimes it’s hard being an introvert. Nowadays my typical workout is an hour of Just Dance, which wears my butt out and seriously kicks up the cardio while simultaneously keeping me from getting bored with my workout. Oddly enough, babysitting small children is also quite the workout.



National Log Cabin Day?

Hello my fellow Americans! Did you know that today, June 25th, is National Log Cabin Day? What? You’ve never heard of National Log Cabin Day? Say it isn’t so, well don’t feel too bad because prior to a Google search for strange holidays I hadn’t heard of it either. Thanks to a nifty little website called Holiday Insights I learned all about this strange observance as well as many others throughout the world.

“The Log Cabin Society, founded by Virginia Handy, and the Bad Axe Historical Society,  in Michigan created the annual Log Cabin Day on June 25, 1986. Their objectives included promoting the preservation of Log Cabins, and awareness and education of life during the era in America when log cabins were common.”

Perhaps while out today you may decide to honor this beloved holiday by turning off your smartphone and television to go back to a time in our history where logs stacked on top of each other was the pinnacle of American innovation. After all without log cabins we wouldn’t really have remembered Lincoln or that Boone guy with the funny hat. If nothing else you have to admit that at the time of their popularity, log cabins were an advancement in living conditions and their presence and subsequent way of life became a uniquely American experience. Give a tip of the axe to our ancestors for their wood working skill.

Yesterday I began working on my best friend’s genealogy, since she liked how I put mine together so much. Within a few hours of looking up her father’s family I found several posts by the same person who seemed extremely knowledgeable of the specific line I was interested in. So, I emailed this individual and within forty minutes he had replied to my email. He provided me with his name and phone number and suggested I give him a call. When I call him I learned very quickly that this was the great uncle to my best friend. He and I had a wonderful conversation about their family and once I got off the phone I contacted her. Come to find out, she had never met or spoken to this member of her family before; meaning I had just had a longer conversation with him then she had ever had. I never expected the gentleman to be such a close relative of hers and I was floored at how open he was. So, life lesson today is to not be afraid to talk to people. More often than not they will be helpful and you can learn a lot. If any of you are interested in beginning a genealogy project of your own, I have a few quick tips.

1. Do a forum search and contact people, they probably have a lot more info than you and most are more than happy to share this research.

2. Whereas sites like ancestry.com can be useful tools, don’t take the information you find in the family trees to be the gospel because lots of users try to connect themselves to famous individuals and can put inaccurate or misleading info, though usually unintentionally. My best advice is to use these sites to gain access to contact info of other researchers and to gain easy access of censuses and other documentation.

3. Don’t give up, sometimes you have to step away from a specific line for a while to regroup.

4. Keep organized because when you start gathering that much data it can get confusing really quickly.

Lastly, good luck and let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer.